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Fall Fashion on the Farm 2015

Posted by: on Sep 20, 2015


Some photos of fall around the farm. A few are a bit of a spoof on fashion photos…

It’s time to deck out for fall! We have all this gear and much more at the farmstands and markets now!

Many thanks to our models.


lounging with jackolantern

Haley lounges with jackolantern.


Jackolantern gets alone time. You know he can pull it off just fine.




Fall gold. Delicata squash is one of the sweetest winter squash. Not sure if Ruth is enchanted by it or the other way around.

pie pumpkin

Emmett sports a second hat. Pie pumpkins are sweet and very flavorful for pie, baking, and other cooking.


The fabulous gourds of fall can make you a little crazy in the head.

wally with gourd

Decorating a decorative gourd…



Chester and munchkin pumpkins

Munchkins of various sorts. This is Chester’s badass model face.

chester bites munchkin

Best used just for their looks. Not actually recommended for eating, though Chester thinks they may help with teething.

white pumpkin

Wally says white pumpkins are sleek. Get them while they last.

various pumpkins

Many types of porch pumpkins available. The more the merrier!


There are mums for the gardens and pathside pots too! Or you can walk around holding them, which can be awesome.

Dorothy with ornamental corn

Fiercely festive ornamental corn.

dorothy with ornamental corn.

In colors of fire and fall leaves. With Dorothy, Packing Supervisor.


Apple magic. Photo by Roger Ingraham.


Apples in the barn lights.

giant pumpkin

Wally with the record-setter. Largest ever pumpkin at the Franklin County Fair. We didn’t grow it, but just had to share.

sarah with cheese pumpkin

Wally captured this photo of me (Sarah V.) with a final pumpkin. It’s the Long Island Cheese pumpkin, which I thought rather appropriate for this post.

Thanks for reading! Come visit us at the stands and markets for lots of fall beauty. Not to mention insane amounts of produce.