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Here are some different voices describing how the CSA works for them. As you will read, if you want an infusion of inspiration for healthy eating and fun cooking, the CSA can be your source. Thank you to all our members for feedback! We love to hear it! Constructive or appreciative, or any questions, contact us at, and 413-467-7645.

“I loved how everything tasted so fresh and also loved knowing EXACTLY where my food came from. I cooked every week, hardly ever ate out, and am now eating mostly vegetarian.
This was the best thing I have done in a long time. Wish I had done this when I moved to JP 4 years ago!”
– Andrea, JP

“Cannot say enough about how good this is for helping eating behavior change.”
– Catherine, Cambridge

“My kids have practically grown up picking up shares at Red Fire! They are healthy eaters and can identify veggies that most adults could not. We value the produce that we receive and know that “we are what we eat” – that’s a good thing!”
– Colleen, Granby

“I love it. I like going every friday night to visit the farm. It’s very peaceful then. Picking strawberries til dusk was just lovely. ”
– Katie, Springfield

A video made by our Jamaica Plain CSA members Katrina, Sarita, and Dean. They came and sang it at our last Deep Winter CSA pickup in March of 2015. They are singing about our Deep Winter share, which includes local treats like honey and maple syrup alongside the organic vegetables. It is to the tune of “Sugar” by Maroon 5.


“The vegetables were amazing — many of them were the best I’d ever had of their type.”
– Maia, Cambridge

“We’re eating a much wider variety of vegetables now, and our preschooler loves kale! We’ve also realized that by freezing veggies we don’t need right away, we can use them later (and our meals taste so much better!)”
– Miranda, Cambridge

“Thank you for your sliding scale payments and installment plans — it made having a CSA share affordable for two twenty-somethings living [technically] in poverty.”
– Madeline, Brighton

“We really feel like our health and happiness increase every Wednesday when we pick up the bountiful harvest and begin to plan out how to consume it all in the next 7 days.”
– Colleen, Jamaica Plain

“Eating from a CSA makes healthy food the path of least resistance. My children don’t eat it all, but they eat kale chips, salads galore, salsa, etc. And the vegetables are so tasty it’s difficult to cook them badly. Olive oil, salt and a roasting pan is all you need.”
– Stephanie, Newton

“It cost about the same as our weekly produce bill at the grocery, but we got WAY more and much better quality produce. I don’t think I can go back to grocery store greens or eggs!”
– Tracey, Cambridge

“Our infant is absolutely hooked on fresh fruits and vegetables, and wants little to do with any processed foods or meats. We have the CSA to thank for that!”
– Karen, Granby

“I love supporting local farmers and it has made me more aware of local support, like buying my milk from my local dairy here in Enfield. I also notice the taste difference and quality from your farm to buying in a store. Do not like getting organic produce in a grocery store. Not fresh and does not taste as good. I try to only use now what is in season if possible since we have your shares. I buy bulk orders from you and freeze items for the winter. Our nutrition is much better over the past 2 years also. It takes more time to cook when you have to prepare so much fresh produce, not already frozen but it is SO worth it! Thank you as always it is so appreciated!”
– Cheryl, Springfield

“Best CSA we’ve been members of by far.”
– Seanna, Cambridge

“I would probably never have eaten an eggplant in my life without this share – certainly never cooked one. Now, I’m comfortable having eggplant once a week and actually enjoy it. We definitely appreciate the taste and quality of your local produce.”
– Jenny, Boston

“Being part of the CSA made me a healthier person. My wife and I already cooked 5-6 nights a week, but having fresh veggies all the time made us cook new and interesting vegetable focused meals. Eating less meat was great. I feel better and I lost several pounds without an increase in exercise.”
– Mike, Cambridge

“Redfire has really helped me appreciate what a true joy it is to get produce right from the source – both in the quality and the increased connection to the landscape and passing seasons.”
– Oliver, Somerville

“What I loved most though was taking my 1.5 year old with me to pick up our share, to the strawberry festival to pick berries, to the cider press to enjoy fresh pressed cider, and to pick herbs. She loved it every time!”
– Alejandra, Granby

“Attempting to eat the entire share every week has made me cut way down on other foods, eating out, less dairy and beans (I’m a vegetarian) – and made me feel much more energetic and healthful. there is nothing like starting the day with a kale smoothie. I never realized how much eating locally (not just organically) makes a difference on the taste and quality of food. Very glad that I can support local agriculture at the same time.”
– Emily, Cambridge

“By participating in the Red Fire Farm CSA I feel that I now have an easy way to do the right thing.”
– Ron, Springfield

“The CSA has also given me a lovely sense of community. I appreciate buying my vegetables from people who work and live so close to my home and I love swapping recipes (and sometimes vegetables!) with other CSA members when I pick up my share each week.”
– Mary, Granby

“The vegetables are very beautiful (you choose such unusual, colorful varieties) and are often much more delicious than anything we could buy at the supermarket. Participating in this CSA is not entirely convenient, but it is a true feel good experience. You have a wonderful farm and I hope you are proud every day of the work that you do.”
– Jen, Granby

“The CSA model has completely changed the way I eat. I used to eat out for lunch everyday. For the past 3 years I make my own salad every day and have yet to get tired of it because of all the variety. I find myself having to shop less and less. I enjoy the variety each week and waste less food than I used to. The price is amazing for what I get compared to the supermarket.”
– Maureen, Bike Delivery

“I really like the variety, quality and system of Red Fire Farm’s CSA. I’ve been a member of 2 other CSAs for 10 years and I like yours the best. I’m so glad I found out about it this year.”
– Darlene, Somerville

“My husband and I shared with my brother this year, which definitely inspired the three of us to cook and eat more together which is so valuable.”
– Anonymous

“I love that the RF farm share practically requires me to try new vegetables that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy at the grocery store. I wouldn’t even find some of them at the grocery store! I gave myself a challenge to only go to a traditional grocery store once a month this summer, and between my RF farm share and the farmers markets in my area, it was totally successful. I had no idea there was SO much local food to eat in New England!”
– Anney, Somerville

“Being a member of the Red Fire Farm CSA has literally changed my life! I love having the chance to get my hands dirty every week, picking my own absolutely fresh, organically grown produce. Nowhere else do I get the opportunity to traipse amid long, long rows of wildly colored growing things, with the voices of chickens and ducks cluck-clucking in the background. It’s a weekly party, celebrated with community members of all ages that I’d otherwise never have the chance to meet. I especially enjoy the babies toddling along, seeing their early introduction to the natural world.”
– Terry, Granby

“You rock. It was great that you had things in your emails about corn worms and such. I am squeamish, and if I hadn’t read that I might not have been able to eat the corn with worms! As it was, I just boldly chopped off the wormy tops and ate with gusto! That was a challenge for me, but I appreciated being reminded that this was part of the natural order of things. To shy away from that is to remain disconnected from what we eat and how it is made/grown.”
– Becky, Northampton

“I have worked on the farm end of a CSA before, and truly believe it’s the best way to get food. Not only is the food fresh, nutritious, and grown with care, a CSA forces consumers to sync up with the actual seasonal rhythms of agriculture. Tomatoes when there are tomatoes; peppers when there are peppers — none of this “everything, all the time” nonsense from conventional grocery stores. I also love the sense of community that a CSA can engender. We become a part of the farm and the farm is a part of us. Going to the CSA pickup site becomes a pleasant weekly ritual to look forward to. Ultimately, my experience with Red Fire has been a shining beacon in the broader urban experience of living in Boston. Without farm fresh produce I think I would go crazy, and it’s nice to feel some connection to the area.”
– Madeline, Brighton

“I think being part of the CSA helped ensure that I was eating healthy instead of taking shortcuts.”
– Ray, JP

“The last two summers have been the best eating bonanza of my life, and Red Fire Farms is the reason. Without a doubt, my wife and I look forward to Wednesdays in the summer as a special day.”
– Josh, Jamaica Plain

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