Organic Plants For Everyone

At Red Fire Farm, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, certified-organic plant starts. We grow for garden centers, local farms, urban and rural gardeners, and our own farm store and farmers markets.

Each spring, we offer a comprehensive selection of the varieties we grow and love at our own farm. We specialize in hearty vegetable varieties, beautiful flowers, an assortment of culinary herbs and, of course, our famous tomatoes!

For more information on how we can help grow plants for you, please email or call us at (413) 467-7645.

Local Farms & Market Growers

If you have limited greenhouse space, time, or resources, purchasing field-ready seedlings might be a better alternative for your organization than growing your own starts from seeds. We can help in this process by custom-growing certified organic plants based on the variety and schedule needs of your planting plan.

By partnering with Red Fire Farm, you’ll be able to…

  • Choose your own varieties and seeds
  • Receive transplants in a variety of different trays, including 128s, 72s, 50s, 32s, 36s and 18s
  • Enjoy the advantage of powerhouse seedlings grown in a prime greenhouse environment to get your crops started right
  • Use more transplants in your growing system to get ahead of weed pressure
  • Purchase strawberry plugs for planting in late August/early September (Chandler, etc.)

Plants are available for pickup from our greenhouses at 184 Meadow Road in Montague, MA. Delivery to other regions of the state and points in New England can also be arranged. Contact us today to learn more about custom plant orders!

Garden Centers & Plant Vendors

For markets and other vendors, we provide a wholesale plant catalog full of varieties that have proven to perform well in our fields and delight customers. Taste, hardiness, resistance to disease, and timing are all taken into account in our selections. As organic gardening continues to gain ground in our communities, these organically-grown plant starts are a great way to bring in business and increase revenue!

By purchasing from Red Fire Farm, you’ll be able to…

  • Sell unique farm-tested varieties in a wide array of vegetables, flowers, and herbs
  • Promote your business with award-winning heirloom, cherry, and hybrid tomato selections from a regionally-famous tomato farm
  • Access to our point-of-purchase descriptions and labels for assistance in creating promotional materials

Contact us today to learn more about our plant offerings and build an order!

Home Gardeners & Plant Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a part-time planter or a gung-ho gardener, Red Fire Farm makes it easy to flesh out your home garden with a wide array of healthy, organic plant starts each spring. From delicious, tomatoes to colorful flowers, we have everything you need to get the most out of your garden!

By choosing Red Fire Farm for your home garden, you’ll be able to…

  • Curate a custom selection of plant varieties that will help lead to better, more productive gardens
  • Taste the difference come harvest time of our specialty varieties and prize-winning offerings
  • Rest easy knowing your plants have received the best possible start in their growing cycle thanks to our high-quality organic potting soil and expert knowledge
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