On February 17th, a terrible fire resulted in the complete destruction of Red Fire Farm’s beloved Granby barn and farm store.  As we continue the processing of rebuilding, we’re asking our community for support. In this time of need, we can use any and all help you can afford to give towards the rebuilding efforts and construction of our temporary farm stand at 7 Carver Street. We are grateful for everything and love you all. Thank you always for your support!

Here are SIX ways you can help us rebuild:

1. Donate to our GoFundMe campaign

If you have resources to support us with a donation, we will very much need funds to rebuild and replace the equipment and supplies lost in the fire. No gift is too small and no gift is too big. We appreciate any help!

Or, if you’d prefer to mail us a donation instead, checks can be sent to our farm office at 184 Meadow Road, Montague, MA 01351. Just be sure to include “Donation” in the memo (and we wouldn’t mind a little written note from you saying hello, either!).

Click Here To Donate To Our GoFundMe

2. Donate to our tool drive in Granby

We are looking to crowdsource a collection of gardening tools after our entire Granby collection was lost in the fire. If you’re able to donate, you can bring tools to 7 Carver Street in Granby and drop them off anytime in front of the burned barn remains. Tools needed include hoes, leaf rakes, shovels, stake pounders, garden rakes, pitchforks, hoes (wheeled, co-linear, weeding, bladed for trenching), trowels, snow shovels, measuring wheels, bow saws, sharpening grinders, sledgehammers, vegetable hand seeders, stake pullers, and more. Thank you!

3. Shop our organic produce in Granby and at farmers markets

Though our primary retail space in Granby was lost, we’re still growing and selling lots of organic produce. Happily, our temporary store is now up and running in Granby, which you can visit at 7 Carver Street (9-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9-5 p.m. on Sundays). You can find our current farmers market booths on Tuesdays in Northampton and Springfield and on Saturdays in Amherst and Greenfield. You can also place bulk orders via our online form here.

Click Here For More Farmers Market Details

4. Sign up for a Summer CSA Share

The summer CSA season, which begins in June, will be here before you know it! Getting your signup and any early payment you can manage for 2024 into us sooner rather than later will be a huge help for us as we prepare for the upcoming season. It’s a great way to support the farm and enjoy delicious organic vegetables and local add-ons all summer long!

Click Here To Join Our Summer CSA

5. Join our newsletter mailing list

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to be able to connect with our community. By joining our mailing list, you’ll be able to receive updates about the farm, rebuilding efforts, and volunteer opportunities that become available in the coming months.

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6. Share these resources with your friends and family

Have someone in your life who is passionate about sustainable, organic food? If everyone who reads this list shares it with just two or three other people, it will make a tremendous difference in our fundraising efforts and ability to bounce back in Granby. We welcome any and all help!