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Cook with Us This Season!

We have tons of gorgeous share options to get local food to you directly, when it is fresh and highly nutritious. Explore and find what you need!

Call us at 413-467-7645 or email with any questions!

Regular Summer Share

$32-34 per week, $645-685

We recommend our regular size share for households of two to three veggie enthusiasts or four average eaters.

This share has 20 weekly pick ups, from June through October.

Each weekly share is approximately 8-14 pounds by season and contains 9-12 certified-organic items (individual items, bunches, or weighed foods). Includes free Pick Your Own.

Small Summer Share

$25-27 per week, $505-538

Our small share is ideal for families who cook only several times a week, one or two person households, or as a supplement to home gardens.

This share lasts 20 weeks from June through October, and contains about 6-8 certified-organic items every week (individual items, bunches, or weighed foods). Somewhat less variety overall than Regular Share. Includes free Pick Your Own.

Fall Vegetable Share

$39-42 every other week, $158-$168

Our fall share option consists of 4 hearty distributions every other week during November and December.

Your share includes potatoes, winter squash, onions, lettuce, hearty greens, watermelon radishes, turnips, sweet potatoes, and other seasonal crops.

Deep Winter Share


A local eating adventure! Themed shares from the Taco Share to the Pancake Share, featuring local organic winter produce paired with locally made products, like Mi Tierra tortillas, Heirloom Tomato Puree, just-milled local flour, dried local beans, freshly-made March maple syrup.

This share is distributed twice per month from January through March for a total of 6 hearty distributions. 

Spring Vegetable Share


Celebrate spring with a special seasonal share! 5 distributions every other week during April and May. Limited availability.

Our spring share features the first round of field-grown greens from the low tunnels, herbs, asparagus, spring dug parsnips, late-winter root crops, and new green garlic, among other goodies.

Farm Stand & Market Membership


A pre-paid account for flexible shopping. Add money to your balance and shop conveniently at any of our Red Fire retail locations.

Never worry about missing a share pickup when you can shop any time at the Old Depot Gardens stand, Granby farm stand, and all of our farmers’ market booths.

Summer Flower Share


Brighten your home with organic bouquets!

Flowers shares begin in July when the fields are full of blossoms, and continue 10 weeks full of hand-made organic bouquets.

Gorgeous flowers from the fields of snapdragons, many types of sunflowers, larkspur, zinnias, gladiolas, cosmos, ornamental grasses, celosia and many others will appear in the bouquets over the season.

Summer Dahlia Share


This new flower share will give members a weekly bouquet of beautiful dahlia blooms for five weeks beginning in September and running into early October, $90 for the season. It extends the season of our flowers past our Summer Flower Shares and into October!

The Dahlia Share would make a perfect late summer gift for a friend or loved one. However, we have limited shares, so be sure to act fast and sign up for yours today!

Summer Fruit Share


Twenty weeks of locally-grown fruit, June-October. You must also have a vegetable share in order to purchase a fruit share.

This share provides one unit of fruit per week. Example units: one quart of strawberries, one pint of blueberries, 1.5-quart box of peaches, or a 1/2-peck bag of apples.  Strawberries, blueberries, plums, peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes and apples will be available in their seasons.

Some berries and melons included in this share are grown by Red Fire Farm and are certified organic. Most of the fruit will be grown and harvested from other IPM/low spray Pioneer Valley fruit farms. 


Fall Apple Share


On the same schedule as our biweekly Fall Vegetable Shares in November and December. Enjoy a peck (10 lbs) of fresh apples from local orchards. Low-spray, IPM.

A mix of varieties, all great for fresh eating, apple pie, apple sauce and other preserves. You do not need to purchase a Fall Produce Share to have a Fall Apple Share.

Pastured Meat Share

Summer: $535 (Reg.) | $295 (Small)

Fall: $214 (Reg.) | $118 (Small)

Deep Winter: $321 (Reg.) | $177 (Small)

Spring: $214 (Reg.) | $118 (Small)

Walnut Hill Farm and Haystack Farmstead offer humanely raised heritage-breed pork and grass-fed beef (a cross between Holstein and black angus) out of Pawlet, Vermont for summer share season.

Small shares include 5 pounds per month of uncured bacon, specialty sausage, ground beef, chops, and steaks. Regular shares are 10 pounds and add fresh cuts of ribs and roasts to the assortment!

Fall pickups will be the weeks of Nov. 1 and Nov. 29.

Deep Winter pickups will be the weeks of Jan. 4, Feb. 1, and March 1.

Spring pickups will be the March 29 and April 10.

Pastured Egg Share

$32.80 (Fall)

$49.20 (Deep Winter)

$41 (Spring) 

$82 (Summer)

Wingate Farm chickens are rotated on fresh pasture and raised on certified-organic grains. The hens roost in mobile coops on pasture with portable fencing so they have room to forage.

Shares include a half-dozen eggs each week for the duration of the 20 week summer produce share. During the fall, shares are a full dozen eggs for each of 4 pickups. Deep Winter and Spring season eggs available as well.

You must have a vegetable share to purchase an egg share. These shares sell out quickly!

Mushroom Share

$44 (Fall)

$66 (Deep Winter)

$110 (Summer)

Enjoy locally-grown mushrooms each week with your share from Mycoterra Farm in South Deerfield!

Fall Shares includes 3/4 lbs of fresh mushrooms at each of the four Fall CSA pick ups.

Deep Winter Shares will also include 3/4 lbs for the duration of Winter CSA.

They will harvest blue oyster, yellow oyster, king oyster, shiitake, maitake, chestnut and lion’s mane varieties over the 20 week Summer season. Shares include 1/3 lbs of mushrooms each week.

You may purchase mushrooms separately without a vegetable share.   

Medicinal Herb Share

Summer Season Only

A weekly assortment of medicinal herbs from Sawmill Herb Farm in Florence. Choose five bunches of fresh herbs tailored to your needs. Order directly from Sawmill for your share, and then pick up at our CSA locations.

All herbs are grown using sustainable and organic practices.

Sawmill Herb Farm offers a variety of share options, including half shares and apothecary products.

All herb shares are managed by Sawmill Herb Farm – click here to order direct from them.