Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes in basketThe Basics

We grow a majority of the Beauregard variety of sweet potatoes with their delicious orange flesh, a white type called O’Henry, and a purple-skinned variety called Japanese White. Packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese, sweet potatoes are also a good source of B6 and potassium, among other nutrients.

Cooking Tips

Sweet potatoes come in all sizes, from almost a loaf of bread to skinny little potato fingers. The skinny ones bake quickly, or chop up larger ones into little circles for stir frys or homefries. No need to peel any of them, just wash and chop – the delicate skins are delicious. Sweet potato homefries are a great alternative to greasy French fries. Slice the potato into strips (like fries), then mix with oil, salt and pepper. Broil until crispy.

Bake sweet potatoes at 375-400 degrees F for 30 min to an hour. When they give in easily to the tines of a fork, they’re ready. You can also slice them thin and saute for a quicker cooking time. Nice with onions and soy sauce.