red juicy strawberries fruitThe Basics

The local fruit of June… This delicious red berry marks the beginning of summer and our CSA for us at the farm. We typically grow over 15 varieties, each with their own flavor. A few are special early types that we care for using row covers, plasticulture, and planting techniques, and we hope these yield some time in May. Then we get into the June-bearing varieties that ripen in cascades. We try to select varieties that will cover the longest season with the best flavors.

Cooking Tips

The first berries of the season usually get eaten straight up, but there are many wonderful things you can make and cook with them too. Dip them in melted chocolate. Make jam. Try the recipe in the Pomona’s Pectin box for making jam with honey. Slice onto salad with a balsamic dressing. Don’t forget strawberry shortcake with fresh whupped cream!