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Salad Mix

Posted by: on Mar 29, 2016

salad mix mesclun braising beet greensThe Basics

One of our spring, fall, and winter season crops is salad mix, a blend of lettuces and colorful greens. A bag of this mix holds much more nutritional value than eating a head of iceberg or even Romaine lettuce. A rule of thumb when picking out healthy salad greens is the darker the green, the more nutritional value.

Dark leafy greens in our salad mix include cress, spinach, tatsoi, ruby streaks mustard, arugula, mizuna, and a variety of lettuces. These greens are packed full of vitamins K, C, E and some B, as well as minerals including iron, calcium and potassium.

Cooking Tips

Salad greens are a great base for larger dishes. Add other seasonal vegetables to make a more filling salad, or use the greens as a bed under a fried egg for breakfast, or a portion of meat, fish or tofu.