‘Refer A Friend’ Rules & Guidelines

Here’s a quick rundown of the Rules & Guidelines for our ‘Refer A Friend’ CSA gift package program. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at thefarmers@redfirefarm.com. Thanks!

1. Only the first, initial person to refer a new member is eligible for the gift. For example: Sue tells Mary about the CSA program and Mary signs up, mentioning that Sue referred her. Sue would receive the gift package. Mary cannot then also get credit for Sue signing up, as Sue was the one that referred Mary. If Mary tells others and they sign up, then Mary will get referral credit for each new signup. Sue would receive more referral credit only if she then went and referred other, different new members to sign up.

2. Valid for people who are new members to the Red Fire Farm CSA ONLY. If they had a share with us in previous years and signed up as referred by you, they would not count toward your referral credit. Only if they haven’t done our CSA before and sign up would you receive the credit toward a gift.

3. In order to receive credit for the referral, the person signing up must provide your name at the time of signup. For example: If Mary signed up but didn’t give Sue’s name, then Sue would not get a referral credit even if Mary told us later that Sue referred her.

4. Only current 2022 CSA members are eligible to receive referral credit, as we have their contact information already from signing up and know how to reach them with their gift later in the season.

5. We will keep track of referrals and contact you via email about how we are sending your gift packages to you (it will occur during the CSA season at your pickup location).

6. We’ve had the “Did a friend refer you?” box on the signup form for a while, so anything received in in signups that were submitted before today will be valid and count toward referral gift credit.