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Posted by: on Mar 29, 2016

three colors of potatoes in crates farmers market red yukon goldThe Basics

We have many colors and types of potatoes over the season. In the summer, we sell new, young potatoes with thin skins that should be used within a few weeks.

Our storage potatoes include fingerling varieties, blue, yellow, red, and white types.

Cooking Tips

Different types of potatoes are suited for different uses depending on their starch content.

High-starch potatoes such as Russets are excellent for frying or baking whole.

Medium-starch potatoes including yellow Yukon varieties, Red Chieftain, or Salem whites, are general all-purpose potatoes that can be boiled, mashed, roasted, or hold their shape in salads.

Fingerling potatoes are best used roasted or in salads.

Storage Tips

Store potatoes in a cool, well-ventilated area that does not get below 50 degrees. Make sure that they are kept dark, or they will begin to sprout much sooner and develop a green skin. A paper bag is a great way to keep potatoes protected from light. If your potatoes do begin to sprout or turn green, just dig out the sprouting eyes and discard them, and trim off any green discoloration.