green purple and white peppers in crateThe Basics

We grow a wide variety of peppers, from long sweet Italian frying types to the classic chunky bells. Did you know that green peppers are a less ripe version of a red or yellow pepper? If you let a green pepper stay on the plant, it will ripen further into a colorful pepper. We have peppers that ripen into varied hues from yellow to orange to red, even chocolate brown. We also have some peppers that are white or purple at their “green” stage.

Storage Tips

Wrap loosely in the fridge. Try to keep them dry, as moisture will cause them to rot sooner. Green peppers will last a few days longer than yellow or red. 

Peppers are the easiest thing to freeze, just chop them up and put in a bag and freeze. Then you can take them out and throw them in anything all winter. You can also roast them. Same deal for hot peppers as for sweet.