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Posted by: on Mar 29, 2016

spring dug parsnips dirtyThe Basics

If you’ve never had these, get excited. They are sweet and so yummy — sweeter and nuttier than carrots. The first round of parsnips are harvested in the fall, but we save some in the ground over winter. These parsnips are dug in the spring and have an even higher sugar content. The cold of winter makes the parsnips convert some of their starches into sugars, making them even more delicious.

In medieval times, parsnips were as much of a staple as potatoes. Sugary varieties were also often fermented to make wine. High in potassium and vitamin C.

Cooking Tips

Try mashed parsnips with a little honey, roasting them with other root veggies, making parsnip “fries,” or replacing carrots for parsnips in any of your other recipes. Parsnips are a great replacement for carrots in carrot cake!

Storage Tips

They store much like carrots in cool and humid places. For short-term storage, keep bagged in the refrigerator for up to a few weeks.