onion allium shallot garlicThe Basics

We grow several types of onions, including pearl onions, Ailsa Craig sweet onions, and storage types.

Pearl onions appear first in the springtime. Use anywhere you’d use regular onions. They have a slightly milder flavor that’s great for sandwiches and salads. And you can use the green tops like scallions! Just chop them up and saute them a couple minutes with whatever you’re cooking. Roasting them whole is delicious.

Ailsa Craigs have the characteristics of a sweet, Spanish-type onion. Ailsa Craig onions take their name from an island off the coast of Scotland. They do well in our cool New England weather. They’re sweet and not for storing long-term. Delicious raw on tomato sandwiches, added to salads, and caramelized. The greens are a little tougher than the pearl onion greens, and more suited to flavoring soups and stocks. You could try them in a saute too and see how they cook up.

Our storage onions, red and yellow, are harvested in early fall and dried out in our greenhouses.