Melon Harvest Time at the Farm

It’s melon season on the farm! Check out the photos below to see how we harvest them.

We grow a whole bunch of types of melons. Muskmelons (like cantaloupes) of different sizes, Honeydew, French style melons, Watermelons of many varieties, like Peace the awesome yellow-fleshed watermelon, and Little Baby Flower, the sweetest little melon ever. These melon varieties are superior in flavor to the large commercial types of melons – give them a taste and you will know.

You can now find the melons at our farmstands and markets!

piling melons

First, we pick and collect the ripe melons into “nests” organized up and down the field.

piling closer up

Here’s a closer up photo. Elly, the Granby Harvest and Packing Manager, piles muskmelons in the field.

tossing melons

Then the truck pulls up and the crew tosses melons up to the truck, where Elly catches them and puts them into pallet bins. Precision throwing. Gentle catching.

bin filling


melon tasting

Taste-test subjects.


Muskmelons are easy to tell ripeness, as they blush golden.

searching for watermelon

Watermelons are trickier. You have to search for the brown tendril across from the stem, check the yellow spot under the melon, tap it for a ripe round sound… Ryan searches for ripe watermelons.



wally taste

Wally approves the first watermelon harvest!

Sarah holding watermelons

The best part is taking some home to eat! Sarah carries out some of the harvest. Plus a camera full of these pictures!