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June 9, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Red Fire Farm
7 Carver Street
Red Fire Farm
(413) 467-7645

Red Fire Farm will host a Musical Fundraiser at the Granby farm on the evening of Sunday, June 9 at 3pm featuring a classical concert performance by the Vicia Quartet. Hear the beautiful music fill the Granby barn, with Joseph Haydn’s Op. 20 No. 5 and Gyorgy Ligeti’s string quartet No. 2, as well as an original composition.

Tickets are available to purchase on a sliding pricing scale from $30 to $50 (plus a discounted student rate) with all proceeds going to offset the lasting financial impact of the 2016 drought, as well as support the farm moving forward by allowing us to better prepare for upcoming seasons, maintain farm property and equipment, purchase seeds, and employ the dozens of people who help keep the farm and our CSA program running year round.

Join our Facebook event here and be sure to share it with your friends and family! Thank you so much from everyone on the farm and we look forward to seeing you down on the farm to enjoy an amazing night of music by the Vicia Quartet!

Thank you so much to the members of Vicia Quartet for their kind offer of time and beautiful music.

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Members of the Vicia Quartet.