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NOTE: There is ONE (1) remaining Spring CSA pickup available for prorated signup. Signups submitted before noon on Friday, May 6th will pickup the following week on Friday, May 13th.

SNAP Signup Form PDFs

Below you’ll find our PDF signup forms for SNAP Deep Winter & Spring. Please note that all SNAP members must also fill out the COVID-19 Emergency SNAP Funds form as part of their submitted signup. Please fill out and return a copy of signup to

Ryan digging potatoes field
three colors of potatoes in crates farmers market red yukon gold
arugula greens
brussels sprouts winter farmers market tomato puree
carrots and red radishes
delicata moons
6th Deep Winter CSA 2016 pancake
butternut squash winter
acorn winter squash harvest
Paula Red apples
harvesting spinach in field