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Going to your CSA share pickup every week is a great way to meet your fellow CSA members, swap recipes, and learn about new types of produce! Here’s what you should know.

What Will Be in the Share

As a CSA member, you will receive our weekly newsletter with news from the farm, recipes, and an estimate of what’s included in your share for the week. We try to provide the most accurate information possible, but during the week, we often need to make adjustments based on what we find in the fields. As always, our goal is to provide the best quality and best variety in each and every share!

Hours for Your Pickup

Please be aware of the hours of your pickup. If possible, plan to come by at least 15 minutes before the end time so you will have enough time to get your things before close.

Rain or Shine

Both farming and pickups occur rain or shine, and even on holidays. You must come to the same site each week to pick up your share, because your share has been harvested, packed, and delivered to that location.

Boxes – Please Take Them Home

If you have a boxed share, please take the whole box home with you.Due to food safety regulations, we cannot reuse or recycle the boxes. Please do not return them to the farm or leave them at your pickup site.

Bring Your Own Bags – Keep it Green!

If you don’t have a boxed share, please bring your own bags or containers to pick up your produce. We recommend a few small plastic or reusable bags for individual items, plus a larger bag to carry it all home.

When You Arrive

Check in with your volunteer coordinator every week when you arrive so they can sign you in. If you have an add-on share for fruit, eggs, flowers, mushrooms or meat, let the coordinator know and they will be able to assist you.

How To Pick Up Farmers’ Market Style (Most Sites)

Follow the list on the whiteboard or paper list to know how much of each item to take. The produce will be displayed market-style in crates on tables. Some items will need to be weighed with the scales provided. Ask your coordinator for help if needed.

Special Weighing Note: We distribute various items by weight, with enough for each share at the pickup. Make sure not to go over the allotted weight or else the item may run out by the end of the day.

Add-ons like Fruit, Eggs, Flowers, Mushrooms & Meat

If you have an add-on share such as eggs, fruit, flowers, mushrooms or meat, check with the coordinator so that they can provide you with additional share items. If you are unsure whether you are signed up for an add-on share, please double check the sign-in list.

Swap Box at Staffed Market Style Sites

If there is a certain item that you’re not interested in taking, use the swap box (market-style sites only). This is a crate where people can make swaps item-for-item. For example, you might trade your bunch of kale for a couple summer squash, or vice versa. Don’t be afraid to ask around with the other CSA members making pickups for potential swap opportunities!

Special Swap Box Note: If your coordinator has not had time to make a swap box, please ask if you can make one for them, and then compile one share’s worth of produce into an extra crate so you can start swapping!

Please Be Patient

If your CSA pickup is busy or crowded, please try to have patience. It is appreciated by all! Your site volunteers will be working hard to keep things flowing smoothly. This is an excellent time to make new friends and swap recipes!

What If I Miss My Share?

Unfortunately, if you miss your share pickup for any reason, we are unable to provide a makeup share. This condition is noted in each CSA sign up form. All of our shares are harvested, packed, and delivered in precise numbers, which makes it difficult to manage makeup shares. However, if you can’t make it one day, don’t worry! Your share goes to a good home, as food relief organizations receive any remaining produce at the end of the day.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Share For Me?

Yes! If you’re running late and know you won’t make it in time for your pickup, you can send a friend, family member, etc. to pick up your share for you. Please have your replacement check in with the site volunteer in your place, as usual. If you have any questions, please reach us at (413) 467-7645 or

What If I Go On Vacation?

If you’re planning in advance to be away for the day of your pickup, we recommend setting up a friend, family member, etc. to come pickup your share. You might think about hooking them up with some tasty veggies for their help! This is a great way to introduce new people to the CSA concept!

Don’t have anyone available to pick up your share for you? If you give us at least one week’s notice via email or phone call, you can arrange to pick up your share at another CSA location that week or hold off receiving your share for that week and pick up an extra share when you return. Please try to limit using these options to 1-2 times per season. Thanks!

Does Something Seem Wrong With Your Share?

If there is a problem with your share, the site or something is missing, please contact us at the farm so we can work with you to resolve the issue. Please keep in mind that our site coordinators are not farm staff members – they are volunteers who have donated their time to help our CSA program. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to our farm offices because we want to know if you have any problems!

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