The Basics

The celery we grow is more potently flavorful than the kind you typically find in the store.  Conventional celery is high on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen of chemical-containing fruits and vegetables. This is because conventional farms spray celery with lots of fungicides to prevent disease, which the celery plant easily absorbs. Conventional farms also feed celery with lots of chemical fertilizers, which cause the plant to grow bigger and take on more water, which dilutes the flavor. Celery poses challenges for organic farmers because of high disease pressure. The New England climate does not provide the ideal growing conditions for celery either, so we grow limited amounts.

Cooking Tips

Use the leaves to flavor soups and stocks. The stalks can be chopped into salads for crunch, tossed into sautes near the end of cooking, added to soups, made into snacks with peanut butter, or however you like it.