Bok Choy

bok choy greens

The Basics

Also known as Pak Choi or Bok Choi, its crunchy stems and delicate leaves are the perfect combo. We like to grow baby bok choys like Mei Qing and Red Choi as well as larger varieties that make a plant larger than a lettuce head. They all have similar cooking properties, though the larger varieties will take slightly more cooking time.

Cooking Tips

Bok choy stir fries quickly and goes very well with garlic and peanut oil. You can work them in with any vegetables you have on hand. Put them in last for just a few minutes to keep some crunch in the stems.

Bok choy is also a wonderful ingredient for kimchi, along with cabbage, carrot, and spices.

Steam baby bok choy whole with minced garlic and oyster sauce for a simple side dish.