Early season beets come bunched with greens. Later season beets come just as a root. We have three different varieties of beets: classic deep red beets, gold beets with a rich yellow interior, and pink-skinned Chioggia beets with pink and white candy-stripe circles inside.

Chioggia beets are an heirloom variety from an Italian town of that name. Beets and Swiss chard are in the same plant family.

Cooking Tips

You can eat the beet greens and stems from all the varieties, and there are delicious dishes that incorporate your whole beet plant.

Try sauteing beets, and then greens with garlic and onion,  and mix it all together with fresh goat cheese over pasta.

Roasted beets, just tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper are great – really brings out the sweetness.

Cooked beets make tasty cold salads with a little vinegar and onions.

Try them juiced raw (mixed with some other veggies or fruit) or grated raw on salads for beautiful color.


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