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cider pressing & Harvest Party 2013

Saturday, October 5th, 2013.
Cider Pressing, Harvest Potluck in Granby at the Farmstand

Rain or Shine!

Family Friendly and Everyone Welcome!

Cider Pressing Starts at 10 am, Potluck 1-2 pm, Pressing Until 4pm.

Sunday - more cider pressing, without all the extras.

Come enjoy one last day at the farm pressing cider, eating homemade donuts and listening to some old-time music. We'll start the press at ten and you can bring your own apples or pre-order seconds apples by the bushel from us.

In colonial-era New England, cider used to rule as the safer alternative to often-tainted water. Hard cider was the drink of choice, with ciderkin for the youngins. If you love fresh cider, or are intrigued, come learn how to make some. You can turn some into hard cider if you are so inclined. If you want to learn even more there's a great event later in the fall called Cider Days.

How to make your cider:
Bring jugs and apples.
You can order cider apples with us that we'll have at the farm for you. You can freeze any extra of the delicious cider you make for later enjoyment. As bees like cider too, they often come to visit while we are pressing. If you have any allergy to them, please bring medicine just in case.
Jugs will be available for sale at the farm also.

BULK ORDER CIDER APPLES: 1 bushel apple seconds - $17 . A bushel makes about 2-3 gallons. Order by Tuesday Oct. 1. Email orders to us at Please note your name, how many bushels you want and what day you want to press your apples! Bring your payment for apples with you and pay when you sign in.


Aside from pressing cider (which you need to preorder for), there are fun things to do all day at the farm whenever you stop by...

Eat Home-made Cider Donuts - some will be vegan!

Cider samples and fresh local cider for sale!

Winter Squash Varietal and Local Apple Tasting - taste the many delicious winter squash types and find your favorites. Taste the fall selection of apples!

Paint pumpkins to decorate your home for fall!

Get fall produce for cooking and fall decorations like winter squash, many local apple varieties, wild gourds, mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, jackolanters, decorative and edible popcorn, and more!

Potluck begins at 1 pm.
Bring a dish along to share. We'll make some tasty food here as well. Bring reuseable plates and utensils if you think of it to conserve resources!

See details below about pressing on Sunday.

Cider Pressing on Sunday

Sunday October 6th, you are invited to press cider at the farm unsupervised throughout the day. If you are unable to attend Saturday's party, you are welcome to make your cider on Sunday. Reserve some apples and come on by between 9 am and 4 pm (while we have someone staffing the stand) and check in at the farmstand.