Farm Shares and Community Supported Agriculture
At red fire farm

You can get organic vegetables, local fruit, pasture-raised eggs, and bouquets of organic flowers through our CSA Farm Shares!

A CSA Farm Share is a weekly selection of super-fresh seasonal organic produce picked for you. And it's a lot more,

  • Free PYO at the farm,
  • Farm news with weekly recipes and cooking tips,
  • Invitations to farm events
  • Bulk produce ordering at discount prices for preserving and storage
  • A way to get connected to farming and the seasons...

Share members subscribe before the season starts and then enjoy the weekly harvest!

   We believe that food is fundamental to everyone’s life (everyone has to eat!), and because of the deep impact all of our eating makes, our society should choose carefully how and where we produce our food. For environmental reasons, we believe that it is imperative that local communities learn how to feed themselves from local and regional sources. We can also grow excellent tasting food without the environmental and health risks that can accompany chemical-intensive farming practices. Getting something ripe and fresh to eat for dinner, from well-tended, nearby soil, is an option we all should have. We need more farmers and more eaters to do it!

   We have found farming, especially with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, to be a great way to connect people back to the land and to teach skills in local eating. So many people tell us they feel healthier after being a part of the CSA, because they have been consistently eating vegetables all summer. How great is that to hear! Organic farming and eating fresh food is part of a lifestyle we love, and we want to share that with you all.

   Please check out the video we made about the CSA at our farm!

We have a few changes to CSA locations since this video, including new spots in Worcester and Watertown.
Please see the CSA sign up forms for up-to-date details and pricing.

A video made at Red Fire Farm
Featuring music by Elixir, "bird in the bush"