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Our Vegetable Grower & Tractor Operators help implement the seeding, planting, cultivation and maintenance of all the crops on the farm! Help us grow over 100 acres of crops to feed the community!

We will train the right candidate in how to run equipment, though previous vegetable farming experience and equipment experience is a plus.


  • Drive tractors to accomplish daily and weekly lists for field production
  • Know farm standards for each kind of tractor work
  • Attend to the field and soil conditions that need to be created for different crops
  • Practice safety and respect equipment at all times
  • Work with team to improve or create production systems on the farm
  • Keep up basic maintenance and care on tractors and implements
  • Communicate equipment problems to farm owner and harvest manager as they arise
  • Participate in irrigation rotation during drought times or for frost protection

Crew Leading Responsibilities

  • You may be the leader of a team of anywhere from 1 to 10 people on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to keep the crew on task at all times, ensure that everyone on the crew is following the proper techniques, meeting quality standards, and following all safety guidelines.
  • Know farm standards for each area of work – harvesting, weeding, etc.
  • Set the pace for everything; working, walking, getting in and out of vehicles, dropping things off in the packing department, etc.
  • Read the weekly production notes every week, and ask questions to the  manager or someone else if there is any uncertainty
  • Ability to lift 30-50 lbs repeatedly and work with speed and endurance
  • Cultivate a positive and effective working experience with your crew


Schedule: Typical hours are 7 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday with a one-hour lunch, overall less in spring and winter, more in the summer at times. Tractor operators can expect to rotate through some weekend hours. Due to the nature of farming, all crew are expected to be available to work on the holidays that occur during the active farming season, to be on-call during spring and fall frosts, and to be flexible with the length of work days during the season. The position is seasonal from April through late November or mid-December, with winter work possible in other departments.

Starts at $13/hr, based on experience.
Other perks: plus all the organic veggies you can eat!

Location: 184 Meadow Road, Montague, MA and or 7 Carver Street, Granby, MA

Requirements: Valid drivers license and good driving record.

To apply: Please send to a simple resume, a letter of interest including what experience you bring to the position, and a list of 3 relevant work references with contact information. We will continue accepting applications until the position is filled.